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A grocery retailer may feel difficulty in handling wide range of products. But you can manage them easily if you could categorize products into different departments. In order to do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on SETTINGS.
  2. Click on PRODUCTS.

  3. From the menu options, click DEPARTMENT.

  4. Some default departments will be there. You can edit/delete an existing department.
  5. Click on the department that you want to edit/delete.

  6. You can change the department name, sort order, image of the department etc. as you wish. Button style can be modified and that changes will be reflected in the POS section. For instance if you modified the button height and color, then this department button will be displayed in the specified height and color in POS menu.
  7. Similarly the button style of products that comes under this department can be modified
  8. To view the changes go to MAIN MENU and click on POS. The departments are displayed in the right of the window. If you change the button style it will be reflected here.

  9. If the department have any parent department, then select its parent department from the dropdown.
  10. After making necessary changes click UPDATE button. If you want to delete the department, then click DELETE button. Note that if you delete a department, all products under that department will be deleted automatically.
  11. Click YES in the warning popup.
  12. Now to add a new department, click on the ADD button.

  13. Enter Department Name, Sort Order, Status, Department Button Style, Product Button Style and Image.
  14. Save the details by clicking on SAVE button.


Each item is measured as a particular UNIT. You can add, edit and delete units in this section.

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Click on PRODUCTS.
  3. Select UNITS from the menu options.

  4. To add new unit click ADD button.

  5. Enter the UNIT NAME.
  6. Enter the QUANTITY.
  7. Save the details by clicking on SAVE button.
  8. To delete a unit, click on the unit name.

  9. Click DELETE button.
  10. Click on YES in the warning popup
  11. Now click OK.

Sub Products

  1. To add a sub product you should enable Sub products in the utility.
  2. Click on SUB PRODUCT button

  3. To add a sub product select the product from the list as in the above figure.
  4. Now click ADD button.

  5. Enter the SUB PRODUCT NAME.
  6. Now click on ADD PRODUCT button.

  7. Select the Department from the list. When you select the department, all product in that department will be displayed.

  8. Select the product from the list and click OK button.
  9. Browse the Image for the sub product.
  10. SAVE the details by clicking on SAVE button.

Combo Products

Assume that you are announcing a Combo offer every week end. Let’s look at how to add a Combo Product.

  1. Go to utility and enable combo product. Now update the changes.
  2. To add a combo product, you need to add combo products in product list. For instance create a new product called Combo1. While adding the new product change the product type as combo product instead of single product.

  3. Now go to PRODUCTS and Click on Combo Product button.
  4. From the dropdown select the product.

  5. Now click on the ADD COMBO PRODUCTS button.

  6. From the Department list, select the department.

  7. Now all products in that department will appear. Click on the required item.
  8. All selected items will be listed in the left side of the window.

  9. Similarly select all products that you want to add to the combo product.

  10. Click OK button.

  11. Now click SAVE button.

Product List

Add all product’s details to D-LinkPOS.

  1. To add a new product, go to SETTINGS.
  2. Click PRODUCTS.
  3. From the menu options, select PRODUCT LIST.

  4. If the product is a weighing item then, tick the checkbox corresponds to weighing items.
  5. Product ID and UPC CODE will be displayed automatically, but you can change it if you want.
  6. Enter the barcode of the product in the field provided.
  7. Enter the PRODUCT NAME in product name field.
  8. ALIAS NAME is another name for the same product.
  9. Choose the DEPARTMENT from the dropdown.
  10. You can set a shelf to the item
  11. Select VENDOR.
  13. Product STOCK will be displayed in a label, if there is no stock it will be 0.
  14. Select the STATUS of the product, COST and SALES PRICE. When you add sales price the margin will shows the percentage
  15. Select the UNIT in which the product has been measured. Now the packing quantity and total cost will be displayed.
  16. Enter the TAX in percentage.
  17. You can see some shortcuts to use this screen like Alt + N – New Product.

  18. Now save the details by clicking on SAVE button.
  19. To add a new item you can use the NEW button.

Price List

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Click on PRODUCTS.
  3. Select PRICE LIST from the menu options.

  4. Enter the PRICE LIST NAME
  5. By default there will be two types of price list, SALES and DISCOUNT. Those products with discount offers should be added to the discount price list. Select the Price TYPE and STATUS.
  6. Click SAVE button.
  7. Saved details will be displayed in the grid.
  8. Sometimes you may need to make changes to the price of particular products. So in such cases make a copy of the original price list by clicking on the make a copy next to the price list name. A copy will be created.

Product Price List

You can see all saved product price list here.


  2. All Prices that you have added in the PRICE LIST will be displayed in the dropdown.
  3. To add new, select the price list name from the dropdown.
  4. There will be a default price list, if you want to add new select the price list name from the dropdown.
  5. Click on the ADD ITEM button to add a product.

  6. Select the Product.
  8. Click UPDATE button.
  9. Changes will be saved.
  10. You can Import or export data using the Import button and EXPORT CURRENT PRICE LIST link.
  11. The default price list will be set as the current price list. You can change it after creating another list. For that click on the SET CURRENT LIST button.

  12. Select the current sale price list and current discount price list and click SAVE button.


There will be specific shelf for each item. You can add SHELF using this interface.

  1. Click on SHELF.
  2. Click ADD button.

  3. Enter the SHELF number.
  4. Enter the Status.
  5. Click SAVE button.

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