Inventory Management

This is the stock management section. There are three sections STOCK RECEIVING, STOCK TRANSFER and PURCHASE ORDER. While receiving stock from suppliers you can save the details about the purchase and stock in D-LinkPOS.

Stock Receving

    Save the stock receiving details in D-LinkPOS.

  1. Click SETTINGS, from the menu options select INVENTORY.
  2. First let’s learn how to do STOCK RECEIVING. Click on STOCK RECEIVING.

  3. You need to specify the details about the purchase in appropriate field, like INVOICE DATE, RECEIVING DATE, VENDOR NAME, VENDOR ID, VENDOR’S contact details and RECEIVING PERSON’S contact details, ITEMS that purchased, PACKING QUANTITY, TOTAL AMOUNT, and NET QUANTITY etc.
  4. Now click on the ADD ITEM button

  5. You have to search for an item using the search field provided.

  6. Select the item.

  7. Enter the QUANTITY of the receiving item. When you press enter key item stock will be updated and the net amount, total quantity and total items will be calculated automatically.
  8. You can add another item by clicking add item button. Total items will be updated with the addition of each item.
  9. If there were any previous stock entries click on the previous stock button.

  10. To view previous stock entries, click RETRIEVE button. In the new window enter the INVOICE NUMBER and click search button.
  11. Choose vendor wise option to view vendor wise results. Now select the vendor from the list. You will get the results.
  12. If you want to add a new item to the list then click on PRODUCT MASTER. It is a shortcut to PRODUCT LIST that you have seen earlier.
  13. To delete a stock entry just click on the DELETE button. Click YES in the warning popup.
  14. Note the shortcut keys provided in the bottom left side of the stock entry window.

Stock Transfer

Some items in the inventory may damage or get expired, so you need a space to categorize them from inventory. Then you can return the spoilage items or expired items to the vendor or you can separate it easily from other products.The screen for stock receiving and stock return is similar.

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  2. Click INVENTORY and choose STOCK TRANSFER.

  4. Click on the Vendor Name text field to add the vendor details.

  5. Enter the quantity that you want to return.
  6. Click ENTER KEY.

  7. To add another button click NEW button.
  8. You can use RETRIEVE button, PRINT button, PRODUCT MASTER button and DELETE button as described earlier.
  9. After you done with it, click CLOSE button.

Purchase Order

If you have received a purchase order from a vendor or customer, then add the details to D-LinkPOS.

  1. Click on PURCHASE ORDER.
  2. Select the vendor name.
  3. When you select the vendor, other details will be updated automatically.
  4. Now click on ADD ITEM button.

  5. Select any from the list.

  6. Enter the quantity that you want to purchase.
  7. Press enter key.
  8. Your entry will be updated successfully.

  9. You can use RETRIEVE button, PRINT button, PRODUCT MASTER Button and DELETE button as described earlier.
  10. After you done with it, click CLOSE button.

Stock Inventory

You can manage your stock details like physical stock balance, stock variation report etc. using this interface.

  1. Click on STOCK INVENTORY.

  2. Click on STOCK button and then VIEW button.

  3. If the Stock value is zero that means the items were out of stock.
  4. If you want to view physical stock, then click on PHYSICAL STOCK button

  5. You can update physical stock by entering a stock value for the appropriate product.

  6. To view Shelf Online Report, click on Shelf Online and then click VIEW button.

  7. To view variation report click on variation report and then click VIEW button.

  8. Similarly you can view cost report.

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