D-LinkPOS Android Order App

Release time:2018-05-25

Imagine if you could save all that time, all those hours, and spend them instead doing what you love most: delivering delectable food and ingenious guest experiences.That's the magic of a D-LinkPOS restaurant order taking app.The typical workflow of a server taking an order is this: server takes the order, jots down the order on a notepad or memorizes it, rushes to the POS system to key it in (sometimes elbowing fellow servers out of the way to do so), and then waits for the order to be ready by the food runner station.With a D-LinkPOS restaurant order taking app, all that rushing and elbowing can be eradicated, resulting in happier staff and faster restaurant operations. The order taking app, which is often as easy to use as a smartphone app, allows servers to tap in an order via a handheld tablet at the table, eliminating the need to rush to the POS station.


After the server taps "send" on the handheld device, the order automatically populates onto the kitchen display system in the back of house immediately so they can fulfill it. No more nudging people out of the way to enter your order in before you forget it!Depending on how your restaurant operations are set up, you may have an expediter who's in charge of flagging down servers to deliver food to customers. Calls of "Order up!" may fill the back of house, or bells may ring incessantly.D-LinkPOS restaurant order taking apps remember call-in orders, so you can spend less time on the phone and more time delivering food for customers.The customer calls in, and a popup shows on the restaurant order taking app.


If it's the first time the customer is calling, the restaurant order taking app prompts you to add important information such as name, address, etc. It remembers the phone number, but gives you the option to change it in case the customer wants you to contact a different number when the order is ready.


Set up your receipt with the currency of your choice and already pre-set taxes & service charges.Manage your inventory with ease to control your costs and recognize opportunities more effectively.Simply manage stock both by ingredients as well as by recipe, allowing you to gather more accurate data.Get notified automatically when it is necessary for your team to order supplies.Get all the information straight to your email at the end of every day. Easy check for faults.

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